Welcome to our Affiliate Programme

Please read through the information below (it will only take a few minutes), and you will soon be able to earn money with laFraise!

1. What is an affiliate programme?

As an affiliate programme participant, you would advertise for a company (i.e. laFraise) on your website and earn money for each customer won by that ad.

Up to now, we have paid you in Brouzoufs, our virtual currency. We are now switching over to a model which runs on Euros. Starting immediately we are working together with the affiliate professional zanox.com.

2. How can I earn money with the affiliate programme?

If you advertise our shirts on your blog, website or with your e-mail, you can earn money:

For every order which is made through your affiliate link, you receive 20% of the net value of the order (without VAT and shipping costs). This amount will be credited to your zanox.com account.

3. How do I sign up?

Sign up at Zanox. Registration is easy. All you have to do is fill in the highlighted fields on our zanox.com website and enter a valid e-mail address.

Once you have filled in the "Contact data" and "Tax information" tabs, select on the "Advertising space" tab which type of advertising you would like to use. If you want to use a banner, choose "Website". If you would like to add a link to your e-mail signature, choose "Email". Next you will be asked to fill in the details of use for your chosen advertising space.

Now all you have to do is click on the link in the confirmation e-mail which was sent to you and your account will be activated and ready to use.

Log into your account, go to "Programmes" > "My Programmes" and click on the word "Code" within the laFraise row.

Select the ad you would like to use from the list and click again on "Code" to generate the necessary HTML code which you will use.

After you have copied your personalised code snippet and added it to your blog, website or e-mail signature, Zanox will take care of the rest.

Take a look at your statistics every once in a while and there you will see how often your ad was clicked.