About laFraise

Founded in 2004, laFraise is an online graphic design competition for t-shirts and hoodies. On a weekly basis, this design competition chooses the best contributions submitted by designers and graphic artists from all over the world.

First the designs are briefly examined. Afterwards they are put online where our members can leave comments and vote for the designs. The weekly winners are then printed on high-quality t-shirts by laFraise or American Apparel. For this we use printing methods such as digital direct or screen printing transfer. On every product page you can find out which printing method was used.

laFraise prints a pick of funny, colourful, beautiful or even scary designs to create unique t-shirts. Besides printing on t-shirts, we also print on hoodies for grown ups and t-shirts for kids. This way, new designers can use laFraise as a springboard to get their t-shirt designs to a flying start.

Be Part of the laFraise Community

laFraise lives off the community as well as off your input. We need your votes on t-shirt designs that have been submitted to the community. Your comments, blog entries and maybe even your own designs are just as important to us, and this is why we want to encourage you to take part in the design competition.

Join the laFraise community by creating a user account. To get going, all you need is a valid email address. Registration is free of charge, immediately available and guaranteed confidential – we will under no circumstances pass it on to third parties.

laFraise – Quality T-Shirts and Prints


Since 2008, we at laFraise have been mainly using fabrics especially produced for laFraise as well as American Apparel products. This is how we are able to guarantee exceptional quality, great fit and comfort wear for all of our products.

To find out which manufacturer we have chosen for your t-shirt, please have a look at the info page of the t-shirt design in question.


laFraise’s printing methods are digital direct and screen printing.

Online T-Shirt Shop

laFraise’s has an Online T-Shirt Shop where you can find all the t-shirts that are currently on offer. Every design also tells you whether it is available for hoodies, t-shirts for kids or hoodies for kids. Follow these links to find hoodies for adults, t-shirts for kids and hoodies for kids.


1) Choose a Product

In our Online T-Shirt Shop you can sort the articles by size and colour.

The t-shirts’ info pages will inform you about:

To place a t-shirt in the shopping basket, just click on ‘order’. The shopping cart’s content can be accessed through an icon on the top right edge of the screen. Click on the basket to change the quantity or delete a product.

2) Use Vouchers

laFraise offers discount campaigns on a regular basis (e.g. free delivery). Use the voucher code when checking out.

When proceeding to checkout, you will find a field where you can redeem the voucher. This is your first step to completing your order.

Then click on the symbol to the left of the field to update the total amount of your order.

3) Use Brouzoufs

Brouzoufs are a mixture of loyalty and discount points. 100 Brouzoufs are worth €1. If you have Brouzoufs in your customer account, you can use them to pay for a part or all of your order. You can get Brouzoufs i.e. by participating in our blog sweepstake or on your birthday!

In your shopping basket, you can use Brouzoufs by clicking on ‘bonus points’. The Brouzoufs in your customer account are used for paying for a part or all of your order.

After accepting our General Terms and Conditions, you confirm your purchase by clicking ‘order’.

4) Billing and delivery address

By default, the address given during registration will be used for your orders.

You also able to enter a separate address for delivery. The billing address will remain that given during registration.

5) Shipping options

You can choose between standard or express shipping.

6) Payment

You can pay by credit / debit card, direct debit or prepayment.

You can then review your order one last time. Complete the order by clicking on "Place your order".

If you have any problems, please contact our friendly service team.

Follow your order

Once you have completed the order, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. You will also receive a second e-mail once the order has been shipped.

You can follow the status of your order by clicking on your account and then “Order history”.

7) Returns and Exchanges

Our goal is to always leave you satisfied with our products and service. If this is not the case, please write us (even after the legal period of 7 days) and tell us why you are unhappy. We will do everything possible to make you ultimately satisfied with your purchase. For more information, please contact our customer service team.

My Account

The Profile

The profile page is shown when a user clicks on your nickname.

The following information will appear:

For all users

  • your nickname
  • your picture or avatar
  • number of votes that you have placed
  • number of comments you have made on designs
  • your web site or blog (not required)
  • a short text introducing yourself (not required)

Only for the deisgners

  • the designs available in the shop
  • the designs printed by laFraise
  • the designs which were approved for a laFraise competition

You can contact a community member by clicking on "Contact".

Personal information

Your personal information can be checked and changed at any time. You can edit information such as your email address, user name, descriptions etc

If you are a laFraise designer, you should make sure to fill in all the fields. Of course you are under no obligation to include e.g. your telephone number, but there might be a situation when it comes in handy (and we vow not to play any prank phone calls on you ;-) ).

Your Brouzoufs account

As long as you are logged in, the total amount of your Brouzoufs is visible on top of every page. To access the account, you only need to click it. There you will see an overview of the amount of currently available Brouzoufs as well as information on how you received and spent them. Brouzoufs need to be used within a period of 6 months (after which they expire).

One way of earning Brouzoufs is through our partner programme. If you promote laFraise on your blog, your website or through emails, you help laFraise gain recognition. Every order that someone places as a result of your promotion will be rewarded with 10% of the total order value (not including delivery costs and VAT), and we will accredit this value to your account in Brouzoufs. These Brouzoufs credits will appear in your user account approx. 2 weeks after the order was placed.

Deleting your account

Please contact our Service Team to completely delete your account.

The laFraise Graphic Design Competition

On laFraise.com you can find a continuous graphic design competition: the laFraise Classic Design Competition – here we only print on classic t-shirts.

In collaboration with a few selected partners, laFraise also organises special contests on a regular basis. These so called Special Contests offer a chance of winning bigger prize money, but the designer needs to meet our partners’ special needs.

The Classic Design Competition works like this:


1) Competition Entries

All designs that have been submitted and accepted appear in the section ‘Competition Entries’. There they remain for a total of 7 days, so that visitors to the site get a chance to vote and comment.

Every design appears with an image, a number of comments and a time counter indicating the remaining time lapse. To access the gallery, you need to click on the name of the competition to the left of the sidebar.

And to find out more about the design, just click on the image. You will then be directed to this information:

  • Desing Title
  • Designer’s user name
  • Number of page views
  • Number of valuations
  • Average score (1= worst, 5=best)
  • Number of pre-orders
  • Rating scale
  • Comments

You need to be logged in order to vote. Every member can only vote once for a particular design.

You can rate a design on a scale from 1 to 5. The score for an option to buy is also 5 (NB – an option to buy is no pre-order; it only states that you would consider buying the t-shirt if it was printed).

This way we get a better insight into which designs meet the appreciation of our community. You also need to be logged in to leave a comment. This is your chance to discuss designs with the designer and to talk about it with other laFraise members.

2) Ended

After 7 days, the design gets transferred to the ‘Ended’ section. The final result that you can see there is a weighted average.

We calculate the result like this: all ratings (from 1 to 5) are added up, the total sum multiplied by 100 and then divided by the number of feedbacks. Here you will also find the seller’s laFraise activity (sales, designs submitted, number of comments etc.).

The system guarantees that people who contribute a lot to the community have more clout.

3) Selection of Winners

Every week we choose designs from the ‘Ended’ section. Our choice depends on the number of votes, on comments and on the final score.

Of course we also like to see it blend in well with laFraise. NB – the highest score doesn’t guarantee that the design is going to be printed.

4) Printed

The ‘Printed’ section shows all the designs that have ever been chosen for print. These designs could already be sold out or still be available in shops. Some of them might only be available in future.

Submit Designs

Every member of laFraise can submit designs for the current competitions.

Submissions for the Classic Design Competition are limited to a maximum number of 2 per week.

To take part, you only need to meet a few technical requirements. You need to upload a JPEG file of your t-shirt design of 1000 x 1000 pixels. NB – this is no size limit but a necessary size to make sure that the design can be displayed in our gallery.

laFraise sells unique, one-of-a-kind graphic design t-shirts. That means that our t-shirt designs can exclusively be found and purchased from laFraise.com. Therefore, we will reject any designs that are currently in other design contests, designs that have been sold elsewhere or designs that are licensed. If a design is no longer taking part in voting on another platform, it can be submitted to the laFraise contest.

Follow the link below to get information and templates that help you create your own designs:

Download EPS Design Template (as .zip file)

Download model photos for your submissions

Your Original File

Your file can be a vector or pixel graphic (created in Photoshop / Illustrator to version CS5). In order for us to create a printable file from your original, it has to be well prepared. Please follow these rules for your original file:

  • Objects of the same colour must be collected in the same layer (6 colours = 6 layers)
  • Please use a maximum of 12 colours
  • Please use Pantone Solid Coated© colour names
  • Filter or layer effects must be converted or deactivated

Depending on the quality and technical qualifications, we will decide whether to print using screen print transfer or digital printing. The file format has no influence on the printing method.

Upload Designs

To upload a nice design, just click on the link below.

Here you can upload your file directly.

Approval of Designs

When your design gets the go-ahead, it is open for rating in the community. You will be informed via email.

Rejection of Designs

In case your design should be rejected, it will not appear online. You will then receive a notification via email.

Reasons for rejections may include: copyright issues, no adherence to technical requirements, the design’s theme is ill-chosen or does not meet the requirements of the contest/laFraise. Unfortunately we are unable to be more specific about reasons for rejection as we are faced with an immense number of daily contributions.

Design Update

If you like, you can update your design while it is in contention for the competition. To do so, please re-upload your design while adding the label ‘update’.

You will receive an email notification as soon as the update is online. Updates are performed on a daily basis, but please allow for some time to see the result online while our server gives its best to keep up with demand.

Choosing Winners

Every week we choose t-shirt designs from the ‘Ended’ section, where we base our decision on the overall score, comments and our personal taste. And of course the design needs to fit in well with laFraise. NB – conditions and prizes in the Special Contest may vary. Instructions on the individual competitions can be found in the briefings.

laFraise Unlimited is our print-on-demand offer for our most popular t-shirts. Some designs from our Classic Competition are in line for reprint. These are available as unlimited t-shirts, hoodies or kids products. Our podium finishers of the Classic Design Competition are also chosen for the print-on-demand series.

Winning Prizes

Winners receive €1,000 and two t-shirts with their winning design. These t-shirts can only be shipped to countries listed here.


First we contact the winners via email and send them a contract to secure the rights to print their design. The winner then needs to send us two signed copies of the contract via email or fax. And of course we also need the design: The original file must be available in vector or pixel format. We will transfer the prize winnings once we receive the files.

As soon as the paperwork is done, we will print the (examined) copy in the respective format while adhering to printing requests (positioning, t-shirt colours and printing colours). A couple of weeks later, the t-shirt is available in the Online T-Shirt Shop.

Out-of-Competition gallery

If you don’t feel like facing the Classic Design Competition, but you still want to see whether your design meets the community’s appreciation, then you can submit it to the ‘Out-of-Competition’ gallery. This is also the right place for varying versions of your competition designs.

Here your design gets exposure to a broader public, and the community can leave comments, suggestions and advice. The name speaks for itself: ‘Out-of-Competition’ is the place for designs, which are not intended to face the heat of competitions.

Conditions of participation

In case that demand of the t-shirt should exceed the limited print, we reserve the right to continue to offer the t-shirt in our shop.

In this case you will receive a commission of €2.46 (gross) for every t-shirt sold. This amount is going to be accredited to your spreadshirt.net account. To read the complete conditions for participation, please have a look at the page Submit Design.

Affiliate program

The online t-shirt store laFraise uses Zanox affiliation programme.

What are the advantages using this programme?

laFraise rewards its partners with a commission of 10% - 20% on all brokered sales. And since this is a great way of earning extra cash next to your day job, laFraise creates a market for you on its Online T-Shirt Shop by choosing and promoting two winning designs per week. The designs submitted to this Graphic Design Competition can be rated and commented on for a matter of 7 days. The winning t-shirts go to print. laFraise uses digital direct or screen transfer printing. These funny, geeky or stunning t-shirts are then up for sale in our Online T-Shirt Shop.

A broad peer group

Our products are intended to appeal to a variety of characters. Our customers age usually ranges between 20 and 35. The way that our t-shirts are cut suits both men and women. There is also a product line for kids, t-shirts for kids and hoodies for kids, which are available here.

Join laFraise

If you wish to be affiliated with our laFraise t-shirts, register on Zanox homepage and join us as an advertiser. Find more information on our Partner Zanox's homepage.


For further questions please contact us at: affiliate@lafraise.com


Our helpful Service Team provides e-mail support for any issues you may have and answers every question within 24 hours:

You want to hear a friendly voice? Then call our hotline Mondays to Fridays between 9:00am - 6:00pm (CET) at +44 (0) 2031372837

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We send our shirts in large durable envelopes to ensure simple and fast delivery. This allows the postal worker to place the envelope directly in your mailbox or leave a notification for you. If the order is somewhat larger, we will send it in a small parcel.

Delivery Costs (Standard shipping)

We deliver to the following countries:

up to €29.00
€29.01 to €59.99
over €60.00
France (incl. DOM TOM Countries)
Switzerland *
United Kingdom

Czech Republic
Norway *



up to €49.00
€49.01 to €98.00
over €98.01
United States*


Delivery Costs (Express shipping)


16,00 €
Switzerland *
The Netherlands

20,00 €
United Kingdom
France (incl. DOM TOM Countries)
25,00 €

* Additional expenses from import duties and taxes may be applied upon arrival.

Delivery times

The delivery times depend on the postal service, the delivery address and the weight of the package. Please contact our customer service for more information.


For very urgent orders we offer the express shipping option. If your order is to be delivered to one of the countries listed above, you can choose the Express option by activating the checkbox during checkout.

Express orders within Germany that are placed before 10 am will be delivered the following day. Express deliveries to other countries take one additional day to arrive.

Reasons for possible delivery delays:

If you pay for your order using the prepayment option, your order will enter production only once we have received the amount in our account. Usually, the desired delivery date will thus be postponed by at least 3 days. Please ask your bank about the terms and conditions of an urgent transfer, if necessary.

If there is a public holiday between the ordering and the estimated delivery day, the delivery will be postponed by one business day.

Please leave your phone number in the address form provided in the checkout. We can then give you a call in case any complications occur.

Attention: laFraise can NOT guarantee that your order will be produced and shipped as express, as unforeseen complications can occur.

If the express delivery was not successful, please contact our service team.

Volume Discounts at laFraise

There are so many cool t-shirt designs at laFraise, that sometimes you want more than just a few! We’d like to make larger purchases at laFraise much more appealing – with the new laFraise volume discount. Whether you want to be a good t-shirt Samaritan and buy all of your friends a tee, or you’d like to sell laFraise shirts in your own offline shop – this is great news for you!

Here’s how our volume discount scale looks:

Articles per order Discount Voucher code
30 or more 20%* LFVOLUME30
50 or more 25%* LFVOLUME50
100 or more 30%* LFVOLUME100

*Discount on the basket value

Simply find the t-shirts you’d like in the shop, add them to the basket and add the corresponding code when checking out.

Here are a few important things to keep in mind:

  • All companies that are ordering from abroad must add their VAT ID during the order in the required field, as we are not able to edit the billing details after the order is completed due to tax laws.
  • Because we may have to print some of the t-shirts once your order is submitted, we are not able to offer express shipping for volume and bulk orders.
  • The voucher codes are not available for online sellers and cannot be combined with other discounts

Wishing you lots of fun buying lots of shirts!

Our service team is available for any questions or issues you may encouter.